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Art in Heat

June 30 to July 30, 2007

Matt Sesow

While some of his images might be considered brutal or brutish in the same way as, say, Francis Bacon, they are only real life with the beauty secrets stripped away, the cover girl make-up stuffed back into society's compacts. They are the skeletons, out of the closet, with the raw meat still attached. Sesow may very well be the most important artist working today. His paintings are explosions of color. Punk rock energy paired with the symbolism of alienation dressed in the finery of a rainbow. As he says, he is trying to create something that is funny, political, and chaotic. In that quest, he has been successful on a grand scale.

Artist's website:


30″ × 40″

oil/mixed on watercolor board


“Date with the Dancing Bear”

60″ × 30″

acrylic on DC street banner

“Phases of Desire”

60″ × 30″

acrylic on DC street banner